At Sarif Tech Ltd we pride ourselves on the strong client relationships we maintain and variety of services provide - Whatever our clients need, whether that's a cross-platform mobile app for their business, help building a professional online presence for a small shop or even creating spectacular VR experiences for the general public.

We are a team of professional, forward-thinking experts with a passion for new challenges, so our clients can feel comfortable knowing that Sarif Tech can tackle their business problems head-on and come up with the right solution quickly and efficiently.

Meet Our Team


Martin Crawley - Director & Lead Developer

Founder and Lead Developer, Martin started Sarif Tech back in 2015. 

With over 15 years commercial experience prior to starting Sarif Tech Ltd, he quickly gained the trust of Sarif Tech's early clients who sought his technical expertise.

Martin has always had a passion for new challenges and, because of this, he has gained wide expertise Mobile/Web/Gaming technologies.


Andrew Crawley - Software Engineer

Andrew joined Sarif Tech in 2019 as a Software Engineer.

He specialises in cross-platform mobile and back-end development.

He is passionate about helping our clients enhance their business processes with innovations and technology.